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The Christmas Dinner Scheme for 2020 has now ended. We'd like to thank everyone for their donations and the pubs for working so hard to deliver more Christmas dinners than usual this year. 

The scheme meant we were able to feed almost 50 members of the local community on Christmas day who ordinarily wouldn't have had a Christmas dinner due to homelessness, isolation or financial difficulties.

This year, because of the limits introduced to family gatherings, some people will face Christmas Day alone. Others may have lost their jobs and will have to cut back. So we've teamed up with local pubs to offer free Christmas dinners. It works on a 'pay it forward' basis where members of the community can pay for a Christmas dinner for someone else.

Here's how you can donate or request a Christmas dinner: 

How to donate a Christmas dinner

  1. Decide. Select a pub or restaurant from the list below. 

  2. Donate.  Call and ask to donate a Christmas dinner. 

  3. Pay. Payment will be taken by bank card over the phone.

And that's it, all done. Thank you so much for your donation. ​

How to request a Christmas dinner

  1. ​Call. Call a pub from the list below.

  2. Order. Ask to order a 'Staying Inn Christmas dinner.

  3. Enjoy. Have a very happy Christmas.

Because the system works on a donation basis, you'll be allocated a dinner if there is a donation available. If there is no availability, you can try another pub or call back later. But do keep trying.

IMPORTANT: We operate a no questions asked policy. We will not ask questions to prove you qualify for a dinner.


Christmas Day Dinner Menus

Shopping for Christmas

The Cross Keys, Newbold

Donate or order via The Cross Keys in Newbold. Check out menu below and call to donate or order a Christmas dinner. You can donate 1, 2 or all 3 courses:

1 course £12.95

2 courses £17.00

3 courses £21.00

Phone: 01530 224 799

Staying Inn Christmas Tree Made Out Of Nuts

The George & Dragon, Thringston

Donate or order via The George & Dragon in Thringstone. You can donate 1, 2 or all 3 courses. Phone lines are open Friday to Sunday or you can message on Facebook any time and someone will get back to you.

1 course £12.95

2 courses £16.95

3 courses £21.95

Phone: 01530 222 282 (Fri, Sat, Sun only)


The Angel Inn, The Moor

Donate or order via The Angel Inn in The Moor. Check out menu below and call to donate or order a Christmas dinner. You can donate a main course or the full 3 courses:

1 course £15.00

3 courses £30.00

Phone: 01530 834 742

If you'd prefer to order a Christmas Dinner online, click the button below. We'll be in touch by phone or email to confirm delivery.


Order a FREE Christmas Dinner

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Thank you for your order. We'll be in touch to confirm delivery.

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Why should I donate a Christmas dinner?

More than 850,000 older people could be spending this Christmas alone (source Age UK). And this this year could be the loneliest yet. The gift of a Christmas dinner just may help alleviate the isolation and despair.

How do I know my donation is going to someone in need? 

You'll be donating in good faith. We can't operate a scheme of this kind and ask for evidence that someone is in need. This may prevent some from ordering a dinner. It would also mean a lot of admin for the pubs and restaurant partners.

Why do schemes like this exist?

According to Coalville Food Bank, 1 IN 5 of the UK population live below the poverty line. For many this means making a decision to eat or warm their home this winter. Coalville Food Bank offers 3-day emergency food parcels to those most in need as well supporting longer term solutions. By donating a Christmas dinner this year, we're helping to eek that 3 day food parcel out just a little bit farther. 

What happens to the left over donations after Christmas?

We'll be sending any leftover donations to Coalville Food Bank, to help support their work over the New Year and winter period.


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